Technology is all about people

Technology is all about people. Sometimes that is forgotten.

This blog is written for anyone with an interest in how technology can help us learn, work smarter, drive change and put people back at the centre of what we do. Together, we can create a far better future than technology can on its own.

You don’t have to be ‘good’ with computers, or live in Scotland (where this blog is written) to find something here that might interest you. Hopefully, if I’ve done my job properly, there will be something in this blog for everyone.

So, if you’re still reading and I haven’t lost you, this is me (Robert Stewart) …

Robert Stewart

My enthusiasm for digital started with a few lines of ZX Basic when I was ten-years-old. It was a simple computer program that I copied line by line from the ZX Spectrum +2 owner’s manual. Even by the standards of the day, the end result wasn’t anything exceptional. But, after typing run and hitting enter, it sparked an interest in computers that has lasted my whole life.

Fast-forward 23 years and I advise a Scottish pubic body and its partners on digital learning solutions for the 200,000 strong social service workforce in Scotland. That involves:

  • preparing for the future by identifying new and potential uses of technology that can contribute to learning and development of the social service workforce
  • managing the development and maintenance of their Moodle and Open Badges platforms
  • promoting the effective use of technology for learning and raising awareness of the opportunity presented by digital.

I didn’t set out for a career in workforce development when I left school – it just happens to be a line of work where digital skills can make a big difference. As such, it’s a very rewarding job.

Does any of this interest you? Connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter or drop me a line here and we can chat over a coffee. Guest blogs are welcome and I’d love to hear from you if you are working on similar projects.

Please note: Although I work for a public body, this is my personal blog and any views expressed are my own.

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